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Industrial Gearbox Repair

At First Choice Machine, we are a team of industrial gearbox repair specialists. Working in our state-of-the-art facility, we provide services from bearing replacements to complete overhauls. Facilitating the servicing of all makes and models of gears, gearboxes, and rotating equipment using our industry-grade technology we can rebuild, repair, re-grind, and give a new life to your worn-out gearboxes and gears.

We can complete any job due to the huge range, versatility, and quality of our machinery and the immense experience of our specialist team of experts who are onhand 24 hours a day. We are here to provide professional support and efficiently repair your gearboxes to limit your downtime and get you back to your gearbox back to its previous level of efficiency. Click Here to Request a Quote. 

36 Month Warranty on All Gear Projects

Backed by more than 3 decades of pioneering within both engineering and manufacturing industries, we have sustained a reputable service used by thousands of clients. With access to over 4,000,000 technical documents on every gearbox niche – whatever you need, we can do. Our comprehensive documents span thousands of different gearbox types, makes, and brands, with details on the maintenance they require and the parts that comprise them. There truly is no gearbox that we can’t revitalize.

If your unsure about the technical data, make, or model of the gearbox requiring our service, we utilize our reverse engineering technology to “replicate” the existing parts for replacements. By assessing the current bearings, parts, and their placement, we can replicate these parts using our state-of-the-art technology so that we can rebuild whatever aspects that your gearbox needs. With these parts guaranteed to be compliant by O.E.M specification, quality is at the forefront of our designs and we aim to provide a fully rebuilt and efficient gearbox.


24/7 Emergency Gearbox Repairs
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Customers Trust Our Workmanship

Expertise in all gearing types

Reverse engineering and up-rating capability

Application engineers at each facility

Parts manufactured to OEM specs

Customer support 24/7/365

All gearboxes undergo full speed testing

Ability to work on any brand, any time

Backed by best-in-industry 3-year warranty

Complete Gearbox Inspection & Service

We conduct our unique specialist examination and inspection processes, with one of our trained specialists effectively cleaning away the grime blockages to try and easily deduce the nature of your gearbox issues before providing a comprehensive quote based on the level of damage. However, our team aims to provide substantial repair within a few days to ensure that your downtime is limited and you can get back to normal within days, without any additional worries.

Here at First Choice Machine, we truly are unlike any other gearbox repair and maintenance specialists, as our focus is on the community of loyal clients we have cultivated over the course of several years due to our phenomenal quality of service and the experience we provide to all of those seeking assistance or work completed.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Throughout our 3 decades of operation, we have cultivated a team of specialists who are heavily experienced in the art of repairing and manufacturing gearboxes, so that we can supply the optimal levels of levels to our hugely loyal and fantastic clientele. Here at First Choice Machine, we are reputable for our immense focus on customer satisfaction and with each job, we guarantee deliberate care and a process with our customer’s best interests in mind.

Our process is focused on the incorporation of time and cost efficiency, here at First Choice Machine, we understand the implications of downtime and recognize the pressing need to get you back to top efficiency – hence why we focus on limiting the time needed to complete the maintenance or repairs to ensure that both the quality isn’t compromised and your downtime isn’t excessive. We also acknowledge the expense of O.E.M compliant parts, hence why we offer up to 60% off these parts so that you can be back up and running without exponential costs – that you might not be prepared for.


Free Pickup and Delivery Across USA