Gear repair

we have state of the art equipment to rebuild repair and manufacture all cuts makes and patterns of gearing we have  decades of experience to re-harden re-polish and re-balance we have the technical data to reverse engineer
We have the technology undergo testing to extend life of gearing we are a one stop shop for a complete gearing projects
upon arrival your equipment will be thoroughly cleaned all greece gunk grime debris
failure analysis starts With inspection of tooth clearence and ratio size
we collect technical date to ensure O.E.M specs
to start rebuilding  process
We can provide options, upgrades and replacement with or without Manufacturer drawings. We have the capability to reverse engineer any gears by taking comprehensive measurements. We have technicians who diagnose your equipment and rebuild them back up to their original size and original performance The reason we stand behind our workmanship is our very advanced process of grinding/polishing O. D. I. D. grinding surface grinding blanching and state of the art welding Such as chromoloy titanium nickel brass bronze stainless steel all types of tool steel tungsten steel tungsten carbide heliarc  and arc welding metalizing continuous rotating weld and all types of heat treated-flame hardening and carbonizing
All gearing projects are backed by our 36 month uninstalled warranty


If In Some Cases The Client Does Not Have The Technical Data Of The Gearbox To Be Rebuild We Therefore Use Reverse Engineering To “copy” The Existing Parts To Be Replaced. This Means That These New Parts Comply With O.E.M Specifications Of The Original Parts Guaranteed .

bevel gears
brass gear and worm gear
bull gears
Dryer Gears
Helical gears
HerringBone Gears


In-line Helical gears
Internal Gears
Kelem Gears
Miter Gears
Pinion Gears
Ring Gears
Spur Gears

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